Things I Watched #4

Movies with a * were seen in theaters.

  • The Brothers Grimm (2005); first viewing
  • Phantasm (1979); first viewing
  • CRAWL (2019); 2nd viewing for Thomas, and 1st for Beau.
  • They Come Knocking (2019); first viewing
  • Mary and the Witch’s Flower (2017); first viewing
  • Spring (2014); first viewing
  • The Witch (2015); 2nd viewing for Thomas, 3rd time for Beau.
  • Midsommar (2019); first viewing
  • Creepshow (2019); the shudder series, first viewing
  • Terrifier (2017); first viewing
  • Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015); first viewing
  • The Lighthouse* (2019); first viewing
  • Boa (2001); 1st viewing for Thomas, millionth for Beau. Beau owns the DVD.
  • Knight’s Tale (2001); first viewing for Thomas.
  • Krampus (2015); first viewing for both Thomas & Beau.
  • The Devil’s Backbone (2001); first viewing for both Thomas & Beau.
  • A Christmas Horror Story (2015); first viewing for both Thomas & Beau.
  • The Endless (2017); first viewing for both Thomas & Beau.
  • SOLO (2018); first viewing for Beau, 3rd for Thomas.
  • Creepshow (2019); rewatched episodes 1 & 2 for Beau, as Beau enjoys werewolves in their media. And Thomas wanted to share the haunted doll house episode.

Worth Watching

There were so many movies watched since the last time I posted, and there is so many that I want to talk about! But with the help of Beau we have the big recommendations that we can both suggest from this grouping.

As before, at the end of each there is a link to the website Does the Dog Die? which can be used to search for triggering content in movies. Highly recommend this website and answering questions for movies that you have seen to help others.

Boa (2001); Boa is a really excellent fun bad movie to watch and make fun of with friends. It has a lot of issues in the script, problems with the visual design and graphics. The plot is absolutely ridiculous, delivered by hilarious performances. Boa is always a good time to sit down and goof around with friends. One thing to note that is not on Does the Dog Die is that there is negative stereotypes and prejudiced language, especially for the Irish. Does the Dog Die.

“Spring is one of the best romances that I have ever seen, honestly”

Beau (handsome boy)

Spring (2014); Spring is a monster romance movie that involves an American grieving abroad after the death of the mother he had been caring for so long. The monster design is top notch and the love story is touching. Its horrific bits are horrific and when the girl transforms into the creature sprawled out with tentacles and scorpion tails flailing it is wild. A moment that we have gone back and paused to marvel at. Make this your Valentine’s Day feature film, we beg you. Does the Dog Die.

Krampus (2015); Krampus is wild. Krampus is good. Let this beefy hoofed boy wearing a dead man’s skin crawl down your chimney and bring you you holiday cheer. Krampus is great! Let Adam Scott be the great Christmas movie Dad you need in your life. The costumes are marvelous, the creatures are terrifying, and this movie got such a bad rap on its release that it does not deserve. This movie is generally in the cheap DVD bins at Wal-Mart so now is the perfect time to buy this fun movie. Does the Dog Die.

“I have strong armed Beau into making this our annual Christmas movie tradition. Which wasn’t hard because we both loved it”

Thomas (other handsome boy)

Devil’s Backbone (2001); The Devil’s Backbone is a historical horror film set in the Spanish civil war. While it is definitely a horror film the horror is more about the horrors of war and how they affect people that aren’t even fighting. There are ghost children and while violence against children is depicted, in true del Toro fashion, it is treated with honesty and not fetishized or lingered upon. Fans of del Toro will most likely love it, and horror and historical war film fans may also really enjoy this perspective. Does the Dog Die.

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